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Location: Arnes, Catalunya, Spain (here)

When: October 7-8 

What: The non-UCI sanctioned, unofficial, nobody cares world championships of single speed mountain bike racing

What else: Beer, food, nice people

Registration: 65 EUROS

Non-racing option - 40 EUROS


How can I get there?

Arnes is about 2 hours from Barcelona.  There is no direct train there, BUT, you can drive, train + bus, or train + bike.  Or just bike.


Is there camping?

Camping and hotel options both.  Check back here for camping reservation.


Is there vegetarian food available?

I'm afraid so


Can we carpool from Barcelona airport?

Probably, we'll start a thread on the facebook page and help facilitate.


Can I pay registration at the site?

Please pre-register!  

Is there a non-racing option?

Yes! The option without racing is available now, you can buy a ticket here on the site

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