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In the middle of nowhere, Catalunya


Arnes is a nice little Catalan village with trails. And beers.

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Where is Arnes??

  A charming town deep in the south of Catalunya that's off the beaten path. 'Nuff bars, trails, and restaurants for a weekend.  Camping available of course, and hotels too.  



Arnes is here and you can get to it from Barcelona like this.

It's a ways out there, sorry no train to Arnes, But you can combine train and bus, or train and cycle.  From Tortosa there is a pleasant bike path that takes you very close to Arnes, about 40km. 

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What else is there to do around Arnes?
So much!  Arnes is on the border of the province of Aragon, you have the Matarraña region there will wild swimming, hiking, and more.  The following weekend in the north of Catalunya are the Catalan single speed championships.  Make a full week with two great ss events.  Lots of old buildings around Spain, castles and monasteries and such.  Check out Santes Creus, or Siurana, which are not so far from Arnes.  If you're from USA and like old stuff you will like these places.


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